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API Casting Industries co. is established in 2007 and is a privately owned, leading, environment friendly gray and ductile foundry in Iran. API project consists of four phases whereas the iron casting is the first.The 100,000 m2 land is located in Kaveh industrial city (120km south-west of Tehran) including 26,600 m2 manufacturing space for the first phase. This phase is equipped with a high-end, automatic, vertical molding machine, an automatic pouring and a comprehensive core preparation system. this phase has designed to produce the capacity of 40,000 tons gray and ductile casting parts. Thanks to local and world-wide up to date technologies, API is supplying to a wide range of auto part providers all around the globe. Based on 15 years of experience and continuous training the company has gained access to modern foundry concepts and knowledge and this process is going on day by day.

40000 tons Annually

Nominal Capacity of grey and ductile cast iron in API is 40000 tons a year

Magma Simulation

All Projects are being simulated by Magma software in order to reach most productive and economic design.


Molding line ,melting shop and pouring process are fully automated from DISA and OTTO Junker technology (100 meters natural cooling line)


Automotive Industry

 Flywheel, Brake disk, Brake Drum, Crankshaft, Brake Cylinder,  Bearing Cap, Clutch Pressure Plate , Caliper , ...

Non Automotive

Manhole, Grating, Hot plate, ...

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